We made another music video for Matt Horne

Late last year we arranged to make a Music video for a track of Matt Horne's debut EP Love and War. I went for the song RELAPSE. I liked how hauntingly beautiful the track was. The image of Matt peforming to an empty hall quickly came to me. I tracked down a suitable hall and organised a date. It took our small but efficient crew a full day and most of the night to film the two sections of the video.

Through a few great contacts the video has been debuted and promoted on the Ryan Seacrest Website. (click here) In the months before we shot the RELAPSE video Matt was doing really well in a covers competition that the Ryan Seacrest website was running for the song Royals, Check out Matts amazing cover here

On a technical side we decided to shoot the video on a hacked 5Dmk3, this meant we could shoot raw video at 25fps in full HD.

This small decision meant that we spent all morning trying to get our workflow sorted, once it finally was it meant 10minute wait times every 12minutes of shooting time.

In a weird way it reminded us a lot of shooting on film. 12minute loads and an attitude to the camera and footage that you just don't usually get shooting digitally.

On the day we shot 896GBs of Cinema DNG raw files.  The edit meant learning a whole new post production workflow. It was a lot of fun shooting such high quality images, I would consider shooting raw again purely for the film like attitude it brought to the set. 

Matt is a great artist to collaborate with. we all look forward to working with him in the future, plans are already in place for future possible collaborations.