We made another one!

I enjoyed making the KFC expectations Vs Reality video so much we decided to make another one. Check it out below.

With a few boxes of beers and some actors we had the first portion shot within an hour. The hard part was getting David to throw up on cue. after a Wendy's chocolate shake, a few beers and a lot of water we got the take we needed. I can promise you that its 100% real. I wasn't able to look at the camera while we shot it, unfortunately for me though the sound makes up 80% of the experience so even as i turned away and looked over the fence the sound of David freely vomiting made me gag and we where lucky I didn't ruin the take by vomiting myself.

Im very interested to see how this video does online, Personally hate gross out humour, I can't really explain why i wanted to make this particular video. We have several ideas for future Expectations Vs. Reality videos, Mexican food is probably up next (it's not too hard to guess what we will do with that one) I'm also keen to do one on babes.

On the technical side, this project also served as a test shoot for my newly acquired  GH4, the first part of the video is hot at 60fps at 200mbps. (although I'm unconvinced its better than the Gh3) the vomit shot though is shot in 4k. this was great, the detail is lovely and the high resolution meant I could put a nice smooth push through the whole shot. The video was shot in the CineD picture profile, graded with a combination of Film Convert Pro and Magic Bullet Looks.