Finally an new upload!

we actually shot this video over a year ago, January 2nd 2016 to be precise, and it was edited a month later, but in editing it i realised I was missing one shot, so i set a reminder to record that shot in order to finish the video, 10 months later and the shot still hadn't been recorded, but i had already had the video mostly mixed and graded, so i set several aggressive reminders and on 1st of December 2016 I recorded the missing shot and finished my work on the video. here it is to enjoy now

The idea was simple, a life hacks video that isnt so much lifehacks, but obvious things that can all do that would make make life better, but we are mostly just to lazy to do, (or at least my flatmate at the time was)

Inspiration for this video was also taken from a series of energy conservation ads that ran on New Zealand television a few years ago, here's one to enjoy...

these videos got kind of annoying after a while

It brilliantly fun day filming with David, Nick & Jeremy. progress was slow due to my instance that nothing should sound like how a normal person talks, the lines where full of gratuitous language and lines that just sound plain stupid, I also wanted every single shot to be sliding to make the whole thing feel like a corporate communications video, we started to run out of time at the end of the day, in fact the first two shots of the video where actually the last thing we shot, as you can see in the second shot its just started raining, so thankfully we finished up just in the nick of time. 

I've cut together some of the Behind the Scenes footage we shot on my phone into a video which you can watch below, spreading peanut butter toast turned out to be a greater challenge than we anticipated and continued a hilarious tradition of David failing to complete takes where food based timing was involved.

All in all im glad that this video is finished and up online, I have three more videos in the pipeline, hopefully they don't take a year each to make their way online,

I hope people enjoy the video and 'get it' otherwise I'm looking foward to moronic comments about these not being life hacks, or how there are only 4 tips in the video while the title says 5. 

perhaps one of these days i'll listen to the comments and make a feature film version of True.