First upload in a long long while

David Hard at work.

David Hard at work.

Even though Strang Entertainment has been busy lately making content for  David Correos  we haven't uploaded any new content to our own channel in a really long time. 

That changes today though! 

Expectatins Vs. Reality is a video idea we had in collaboration with David Correos shortly after shooting the KFC crowd funding video. This new video combines scenes from that video with a new scene to tell a very simple joke.



David is always a pleasure to work with and I think he really went all out for this video. 

Check out the video right here! 

We we have a few new videos lined up for release in the future. A music video for Matt Horne. More comedy videos for David as well as a 3D short film and a Web Video. 

It's all very exciting. Stay tuned for more!